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What is an individual focused kennel?

Being an individual focused kennel allows us to specifically cater to your pet. We understand that some pets like to have their own personal space and do what they want. Whether that is playing fetch or spending alone time on our field to discover new smells, it is up to them! Even if they don’t want to get out to exercise we can provide other types of fun, like brain stimulating games such as puzzle toys & snuffle mats! We want to make their stay as comfortable for them as possible and provide a home away from home!

What should I bring for my pet?

The only thing we recommend bringing is their food from home. The transition over to a different food can hurt their tummy if they have a sensitive stomach. If you want to use our food, there is no additional charge!

What vaccines do you require?

For dogs we require Rabies, DHPP, & Bordetella.

For cats we only require Rabies & FVRCP.